Tomari Technology

Technology Development and Consultancy

Since working as a Biochemist at Univeristy of Otago in the 1980's, Maarten van Eerten (Tomari Technology) has been involved in a large number of technology development projects, from the very small (making a quick & dirty adapter) to the very extensive.

In nearly all cases, technology development begins as a requirement of a scientific instrument being able to do more than what is offered by the manufacturer. On many projects, an analyser is at the center of the technology, and the external components are integrated, automated, and customised. This has required a combination of hardware and software.

One such example is the SpectraCane automated sugar-cane analyser developed by the Technology Development team of Biolab. The automated sample presentation system prepared the material for FT-NIR analysis on a Bruker Matrix. The main software is a Windows application that controls the process by communicating with the Bruker software (OPUS) plus with a PLC via wireless networking and a Panel PC with CE.NET. All the software (including the Rockwell PLC code) was written by Maarten, along with the development of some of the interfacing electronics.

There have been a large number of projects that Maarten has been an integral part of, such as SpectraCane, SliverScan, SpectraDri, Dual-Sampler, MultiSip, NLA, PLA, GasMon, OnPro, Enchanter, etc.

Current / recent projects include:
* PLC code for a Dual Channel sampling system for on-line NIR material analysis for Bruker Optics in Wellington, NZ.
* Involvement with Technical Glass Products in development and testing of the glass micro-electrode for the SciTOX analysers.
* Running trials on the SciTOX waste water toxicity analysers and BOD measurements.
* Development of the Tomari OxiReader - software and associated electronics to measure and record current decay profiles for micro-electrodes.
* Building the electronics module for another SliverScan wood sample analyser for Bruker Optics in Wellington, NZ.
* Controller for a Water Still.
* Controller for remote MQ-water delivery.
* Developing the website for Technical Glass Products.

Tomari Technology is able to evaluate your requirements for a customised advancement on the technology currently in use. Contact Maarten to discuss this further.