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Maarten van Eerten

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At "Tomari Technology" I am Director, Technical Consultant, and Senior Engineer.

My skills are based on my training and experience, starting with a B.Sc. and Post Graduate Diploma in Biochemistry (University of Otago). This was followed with employment as a Scientific Officer at Biochemistry Dept carrying out research. My work led me to enhance my skills in electronics (a hobby since 11 years old), and software development on the early Apple II computer in 1980.

I was soon offered work with an electronics R&D company (EISS Subtronics) where I further developed my skills in electronics and software.

This was followed by time with Zenith Technology where I was involved in setting up PC's for use with scientific instrumentation. This led to a job with SciTech with 2 roles: servicing scientific instrumentation, and technology development. SciTech became part of Biolab, where I continued in my 2 roles until Biolab closed the technology development group at the end of 2008.

This situation led me to become self-employed as a Technical Consultant, and continue using my skills.

Currently, my main role is working as a service engineer on a contract basis for Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Jasco, and SciMed, servicing scientific equipment. I also have a role in assisting Bruker Optics NZ will programming PLC's for automated FT-NIR analysis in industrial environments.

Naturally, there are a number of other areas where I use my skills, such as general assistance with PC's, networks, electronic servicing, developing web sites, etc, etc.

I also have an associated "Personal Site" where I share information and views that are not directly related to Tomari Technology.

And the name "Tomari"? It is a combination of "Tom" and "Ari", my 2 sons.